Our Top 3 Food To Serve To Your Baby

You can begin to introduce different types of food to your baby to supplement breast or formula milk when he or she reaches 6 months. By introducing food with different types of textures and taste, your baby will stay interested during mealtimes. Here is our top 3 food to serve to your baby.feeding baby


Bananas are a great choice as it’s so simple to prepare. All you have to do is to mash them with a fork and you can serve them to your baby on it’s own, pureed and swirled into yogurt or mixed with applesauce.


Our next suggestion is avocados. They are easy to find and are chock full of healthy fats. Similar to bananas, you can mash them and serve it plain to baby. Otherwise, you can also mix them with beans or eggs to keep things interesting for baby.


Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can also begin introducing meat to your little one. Meat is a great source of iron and zinc. You can blend boiled fish or chicken and serve them to your baby as it is. Alternatively, you can also mix them with porridge or puree them with peas.

Mom’s Breastfeeding

Just sharing this breastfeeding video while we work on getting online!

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